Ipsum Feugiat
Developing reliable and accurate automatic method for full quantification of cardiac LV for each frame in the short axis view cardiac MR sequences. The quantifications include the following LV indices.
Name Description
A1, A2 cavity area and myocardium area, in mm^2.
D1~D3 dimensions of cavity of three directions (IS-AL, I-A, and IL-AS) in mm.
RWT1~RWT6 regional wall thickness in mm, staring from the anterior-septal segment in counter clockwise direction, i.e., IS, I, IL, AL, A, AS.
Phase binary variable for cardiac phase, 1 means systolic phase and 0 means diastolic.

For more details about left ventricle quantification, the following two references are recommended:
  • Wufeng Xue, Gary Brahm, Sachin Pandey, Stephanie Leung, and Shuo Li. Full left ventricle quantification via deep multitask relationships learning. Medical Image Analysis, 43:54–65, Jan. 2018. [pdf]
  • Wufeng Xue, Andrea Lum, Ashley Mercado, Mark Landis, James Warringto, and Shuo Li. Full quantification of left ventricle via deep multitask learning network respecting intra-and inter-task relatedness. MICCAI, 2017. [pdf]